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Nico RInaldi - Workshop - landscapep photography

A weekend dedicated to landscape photography in which you will have the opportunity to photograph the most fascinating landscapes of Italy: Dolomites, Apennines, Cinque Terre,  and many others.

It will be an educational path that will give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge

During my workshops I will show you the best techniques that will give you the opportunity to improve your photographic skills in the field and in post production.

Nico RInaldi corsi online - online lessons- landscapep photography

Comfortably from your home online.

Learn my unique and cutting edge post-production techniques that will allow you to take your photographs to another level.

The online courses are individual and customized according to your requests, I will be at your complete disposal to make you achieve satisfying results and to help you develop your personal and creative style.  These courses are suitable for all types of photographers, beginners or experts.

Nico RInaldi - Tour fotografici - photo tour - landscapep photography

Would you like to photograph the most beautiful locations on our planet with the guidance and support of a professional photographer? 

Contact me and plan with me the private photo tour of your dreams.

You will have at your complete disposal the skills of a professional photographer who will give you all the best advice and teachings that will allow you to achieve great results.

Private individual tours or small groups.

Contact me for more information.

During all my adventures I am supported by the best brands in the photo / outdoor sector.
Thanks for your support.

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