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PHOTOGRAPHIC TourS - Workshops - private and personalized photo tours 

Experience unique emotions by photographing
wonderful places 

What is a private tour? In practice, there are planned outings for all types of photographers such as beginners, but also expert photographers who want to experience the emotion of a photographer tutor organized in a totally customizable way.  In fact, after contacting me, we will choose together the places you most want to photograph and all the details to organize a private tour that can satisfy all your needs.

The duration of the private workshops / tours varies between 2 and 5 days.

The itineraries will be agreed with you, consulting us to optimize the realization of your activated tour. The possible destinations are innumerable given the wealth of unique landscapes that Italy, but not only Italy, in fact the possible destinations will be all over the world.


During your private tour you will be followed by a professional photographer who will take you to photograph wonderful and unique places.  I will put my skills at your disposal and show you all the best photographic techniques in the field and in photographic post-production.  

Through didactic methods you will have the opportunity to effectively learn the following topics:

- effective photographic techniques for photographing all types of scenes and lighting conditions.

- methods I use in the field to obtain captivating and unique photographic compositions

- complete PC workflow in which I will show you the best post-production techniques using Lightroom / Camera raw / Photosho programs.

Topics covered during the tour:

The course is intended to teach basic and advanced notions during the shooting phase in the field and on the Post-Processing phase on the pc. Then all the fundamental concepts will be deepened to take a perfect and flawless landscape photograph by going to study:

  • Weather conditions

  • Light conditions

  • Composition (compositional rules, guidelines, geometric shapes etc.)

  • Shooting parameters (ISO, aperture, shutter speed (s), focal length

Then move on to using:

  • ND filters

  • GND filters

  • CPL filter

  • Manual Multi-exposure [(Bracketing) how, when and why to use it]

  • Focus Stacking [What it is used for, How to use it, when to use it, why to use it]


Regarding the Post Production phase, Camera Raw and Photoshop will be analyzed:

  • Basic adjustments of the Raw in Camera Raw to exploit the full potential of the photo with reference to all the tools of this plug-in

  • Photo export in Photoshop with reference to Color Spaces and type of format

  • Basic and advanced concepts on Layers and Layer Masks

  • Luminosity Masks (What They Are, How To Make Them (TM Panel), How To Use Them)

  • Bracketing of photos with luminosity masks

  • Orton effect and everything that will allow you to get a realistic but impactful photo

  • Nik Collection (Color Efex Pro 4)

And much more...

By signing up for this photography course you will have the opportunity to make the photographs of your dreams  with the guidance and support of a professional photographer who will follow you step by step in every phase and will allow you to improve

your photographic skills both in the shooting phase and in

post-production phase on the PC.

contact me and plan your dream tour with me





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