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improve your post-production skills

customized one to one lessons

Are you passionate about photography and want to improve your post-production skills?

My online courses are suitable for all levels of experience, beginners, photo amateurs, and professionals. During this individual and personalized course I will show you all my best techniques and my personal approach to post-processing with the use of Photoshop.

How will the lesson take place?
The lesson will take place live on Skype or Zoom, via shared screen, in order to allow you to see live the whole course of the lesson while I process the images and I explain step by step the techniques used. The lesson will also be recorded in mp4 video. this video will be your property, so you will have the opportunity to watch your lesson and study the techniques.

During this educational journey I will be happy to show you my best techniques that will allow you to take your photography skills to the next level. 
You will learn how to manage multiple exposures, create color contrast, and how to best emphasize shadows and lights to give depth and three-dimensionality within the scene.

Are you ready to get concrete and real results? Take my one to one course, start creating unique, satisfying and exciting fine-art images right away!
Don't hesitate, book a lesson and join my masterclass.
The lessons will take place live on SKYPE or ZOOM



topics covered during the course

- basic adjustments, raw camera development
- basic color adjustments

- manual merging of a double exposure

- focus blending

- time blending
- perspective correction and elimination of disturbing elements
- luminosity masks, manual selections, custom masks, what functions they have and how to use them.

-  three-dimensionality and depth
- raw camera filter when developing in Photoshop

- personal color management dark method
- obtain an effective separation of the elements
- Dodge and Burn technique
- emphasis on shadows and highlights

           - advanced optimization of light

- noise reduction;
- Nik Collection filter pack
- we apply creative color changes to improve the atmosphere and the visual impact of the image;
- optimization of contrasts and brightness;
- settings and settings suitable for exporting to the web.
- advanced sharpening
- vignetting and orton effect


- video preview - shows IN SHORT an online lesson 

For more information on my online courses do not hesitate to contact me
I will be happy to give you all the necessary information

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