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I am official ambassador

The Irix 11mm f / 4.0 lens is a wide angle lens for FF and APS-C format, manufactured by IRiX.

Speaking of focusing, this is done through Manual Focus, the ferrule is very precise and fluid in movement.

The Irix 11mm Blackstone is sharp, well built, and the materials used are mainly high-quality metal and plastic. The assembly is flawless.

This lens is solid and weatherproof, in fact it is fully tropicalized, therefore suitable for landscape photography.

The distortion is really minimal, certainly more than acceptable for an ultra wide 11mm lens like this.

There are no plate front filters available for this lens, but comfortable and practical gelatin rear ND filters are available, which can also be purchased on the IRiX website.


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Available versions


Mainly metal construction and includes a semi-rigid case.

The lens is tropicalized against atmospheric agents.


Same optics, but construction is well assembled plastic. This version is cheaper and lighter. This lens is not tropicalized.

It has a metal attachment that pairs well with the camera.

I advise you to choose between the two versions based on the type of use you will make of them and your needs.

Both are available in holders for Canon, for Nikon and Pentax.



I have put my IriX 11mm Blackstoine to the test, used it in extreme situations, rain, splashing water from streams, frontal sunlight, sub-zero temperatures, and now I can confidently say that the build quality is excellent and the lens captures beautiful images in all situations.


From the first days when I started using this lens, I immediately obtained excellent results and beautiful and unique photographs!

In fact, this ultra wide focal length allows me to photograph landscapes of all kinds with a completely new perspective.

Personally I love ultra wide lenses, because they allow me to create compositions

very articulate and complex photographic images.

The quality and clarity of the images are really great and I also like the colors.

In short, this lens will allow you not only to obtain beautiful photographs, but also to make you stand out by allowing you to take advantage of new frames and unique perspectives.




During my next adventures around the world in my backpack there will always be this fantastic IriX Blackstone 11mm lens. In fact for my personal taste this focal length is really fun and opens up a whole new concept of totally new perspectives and points of view.


Now I can say that Irix is synonymous with quality



Hey ! Watch the video review of IriX 11mm
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