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For years i have been looking for a type of glove that could give me the opportunity to photograph in total freedom, and without limiting the mobility and sensitivity of my fingers. I tried many different solutions, but none of these has ever fully met my needs.Recently i met the Vallndet breand, a company that produces photographic gloves. The guys from the Vallerret team recommended me a glove model suited to my needs and helped me choose the right size for my hand.


What are photo gloves? These gloves are designed and designed down to the last detail to facilitate the use of cameras in cold environments where the use of gloves is essential. All models of the Vallerret gloves have openings at the ends of the index and thumb fingers, while some models of the mittle type give the possibility to extract all the fingers of the hand.These openings at the ends of the fingers will give you the opportunity to use and press all the buttons of your camera in total freedom, but also to work at best with all your equipment, such as: tripods, backpacks, lenses, etc ...

On the palm of the Vallerret gloves there is a reinforced leather area, and on the fingers there is a rubber weft that will allow you to have a firm grip on any type of object. This particularity is indeed very useful, because it will give you the opportunity to change the lens of your camera in a reliable and safe, without slipping from your hands.Also on the back of some models there is a small pocket in which you can insert, for example, memory cards or other small objects useful to you.


I use the IPSOOT model, a sturdy glove with a padding that provides maximum heat even in very cold environments, moreover this model is totally waterproof. The IPSOOT glove is a durable, UNISEX work glove that provides extra protection against rigid elements and temperatures.On the European Alps, in Iceland and in the Dolomites i tested and try the IPSOOT glove of this Vallerret brand, in conclusion i can tell you that I'm really happy to have found a really professional photographic glove!

Vallerret has definitely solved the problems of many photographers who photograph during the winter season and in very cold places.

For all the technical information I invite you to visit the official website

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