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BenQ SW270C Monitor for photographer, Display 27 inch, Resolution 2K 2560x1440, UHD, Function HDR10

Hi, I'm Nico Rinaldi, professional landscape photographer.


Through the years i have been able to test several monitors, today thanks to my experience i can say that the Benq SW270C monitor is my final choice!


It guarantees photographic performance at the highest levels, thanks to the materials with which it is built and the cutting-edge technology. This monitor meets all my business needs.


I have used and tested this monitor for about two years and i can say with certainty that BenQ is synonymous with high performance, quality and concrete professionalism.


The aspects that I most appreciated are:


- fidelity and accuracy in color reproduction, it is in fact able to cover 99% of the AdobeRGB color space and 100% sRGB;


- its size, 27 ";


- and the high resolution UHD in 2K.

  • Here are its technical specifications.

  • 99% of the RGB color space with IPS technology for accurate color reproduction and a wider viewing angle

  • 27-inch display, 2K UHD resolution, exceptional sharpness of details

  • High dynamic range (HDR10) function, more realistic reproduction of colors on the screen

  • Brightness uniformity function for a uniform view across the screen

  • Hardware calibration using the Palette master element software: adjust and maintain the colors reproduced on the monitor at their optimal state.

Thanks to this monitor i can work on my photographs, obtaining excellent and unique results! 

The large dimensions allow me to use all the panels and tools of the various software i use, and to create spectacular images that distinguish my photography style.


Hello everyone! Check out my review of the BenQ monitor

- click below to watch on youtube -

Thank you BenQ for its excellent service and great professionalism

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