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Hi, everyone! 
Here the review of the Sherpa tripod.
After using some Fotopro tripods with satisfaction for years, now the new models have arrived.
I chose to try and test the SHERPA model precisely for its characteristics, first of all the lightness and stiffness of the 3K carbon fiber.
This model is dedicated to hard and long-lasting excursions in the mountains, in fact the total weight of the tripod and ball head is 1073g.
With Fotopro, lightness does not mean giving up stability, precision or the quality of the various components, in fact everything is at the highest levels. This tripod is simply fantastic and meets all my needs during my photo sessions in the high mountains.
Despite being compact in size, the maximum height is perfect, with its 1513.5mm.


With Fotopro the quality is always guaranteed, you will be able to photograph the most beautiful landscapes around the world with absolute professionalism, including mountains, forests, and seascapes, with Fotopro you will not have to worry about anything in fact the new tripods are sand-proof and water-proof. .
For a professional landscape photographer like me the build quality, the precision and the flawless functioning of the components are fundamental, I am proud to inform you that I have been using fotoprò for more than 4 years with full satisfaction!
Technological evolution has finally arrived, and now it's available to everyone! Discover all the new Fotopro tripod models, photograph the world and take your photography skills to the next level.

Screenshot (122).jpg

Let's talk about the 42QS ball head. This ball head really amazed me! despite being very small it can easily support even a reflex camera with heavy lenses. another feature that made me fall in love with this ball head is definitely the Dual-Panorama ball head system, with it you can quickly take panoramic shots even on uneven ground! On the head there are: Horizontal spirit level and a Vertical spirit level.
Fotopro has thought of everything, in fact there are useful accessories such as:

- Hidden phone clip and wrench (the phone clip holder comes with universal Arca-Swiss system)

-Switchable monopod mode (perfect for wildlife photography)

-Rubber foot pat or Alloy spike


For all the technical information I invite you to visit the official website

clik on the video below to check the Sherpa tripod by Fotopro

I thank Fotopro for its excellent service and professionalism

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