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Does the passion for photography run in your veins?  Would you like to photograph breathtaking landscapes?

Treat yourself to unique emotions in a fantastic place, spending a beautiful weekend in the mythical Dolomites.

   By enrolling in this photographic course you will have the opportunity to achieve all this with the guidance and support of a professional photographer who will follow you step by step in every phase of the course and will allow you to improve.

your photographic skills both in the shooting phase and in post-production on the PC.



Where will the Workshop take place?

The workshop will take place at the Cinque Torri (Cortina d'Ampezzo), a small mountain complex that is part of the Nuvolau group, within the Ampezzo Dolomites. This mountain formation is made up of Dolomia, a pale gray rock and is made up of 5 different rock spurs at a maximum altitude of 2361 [m] above sea level.  

We will stay at the Scoiattoli Refuge , which is located right in front of the legendary Cinque Totti.

The Scoiattoli Refuge can be reached by chairlift, which must be paid for independently by each participant.

(Chairlift cost around € 15 round trip.)

Overnight stay, dinner and breakfast must be paid for at the hotel.

During this photographic course, you will have the opportunity to relax and enjoy a dinner at the Rifugio Scoiattoli restaurant, which boasts excellent menus, with traditional local dishes.

At the Scoiattoli Refuge, the morning breakfast is rich and plentiful.

** To ensure everyone has the best possible experience, I kindly ask future attendees to  notify the management of the Scoiattoli Refuge in advance of any food allergies and / or intolerances.


Who is the Workshop for?

The workshop is aimed at all photographers, beginners and experts, who want to deepen their knowledge in landscape photography and discover new cutting-edge techniques from the shooting and post-production phase.

The workshop will be divided into two parts, the first concerning the shooting phases (Sunset, Night with stars and Sunrise), and the second consisting of the Post-Production phase on the PC.

In this course I will show you the best techniques that will give you the opportunity to improve your photographic skills in the field and in post production.

Important note: my shooting method is based on a precise organization and planning, which starts from the study of the subject, of the light, of the composition, and reaches the post-production; very often it happens to think of a shot not only as a function of the classic variables on the field, but also as a function of what will have to be done on the PC.


Price of the photographic course.


  Cost  Total:  259  VAT included.

What is included in the course price?


  • Theoretical and practical professional course carried out in the field and on the shooting phase, complete and professional training on the Post Production phase on the PC using Lightroom and Photoshop.


  • Night photography from basic to more advanced techniques (for those who wish).  


To register for the course it will be necessary to pay a deposit of 90 € (euro)  

to be paid by bank transfer or via Paypal.

The balance can be paid securely by bank transfer, or PayPal, by 05/01/2020.


* NB: Anything that has not been mentioned is not included in the course price.

  Half board hotel to be paid individually in the structure.



15% discount for those who have already participated in one of my workshops.

15% discount for those who bring a friend.



The issues addressed:

The course aims to provide basic and advanced notions both on the shooting phase and on the Post-Production phase, then all the fundamental concepts will be deepened to take a perfect and flawless landscape photograph by going to study:

  • Weather conditions

  • Light conditions

  • Composition (compositional rules, guidelines, geometric shapes etc.)

  • Shooting parameters (ISO, aperture, shutter speed (s), focal length

Then move on to using:

  • ND filters

  • GND filters

  • CPL filter

  • Manual Multi-exposure [(Bracketing) how, when and why to use it]

  • Focus Stacking [What it is used for, How to use it, when to use it, why to use it]


Regarding the Post Production phase, Camera Raw and Photoshop will be analyzed:

  • Raw processing in Camera Raw to exploit the full potential of the photo with reference to ALL the tools of this plug-in

  • Photo export in Photoshop with reference to Color Spaces and type of format

  • Basic and advanced concepts on Layers and Layer Masks

  • Luminosity Masks (What They Are, How To Make Them (TM Panel), How To Use Them)

  • Bracketing of photos with luminosity masks

  • Orton effect and everything that will allow you to get a realistic but impactful photo

  • Nik Collection (Color Efex Pro 4)   



Course program.

-Saturday  26  February

1.00 pm meeting at Baita Bai de Dones, Bai de Dones, Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL) 32043.

1.30 pm From the hut we will take the chairlift that will take us to the Scoiattoli Refuge (round trip ticket price € 15.70) approx.

Once you arrive at the Refuge: arrangement and presentation of the course and basic notions about landscape photography. All the information that will allow you to have a professional preparation during the photo session in the field will be explained.

2.00 pm introduction to the photography course and theoretical explanation of the main themes

3.00 pm exploration of the Cinque Torri mountain range, in search of the best photographic spots, the sun will set (approximately 17:50)

(The walk is very simple and of short duration, about 5 minutes)

15:30 Practical demonstration in the field of all the main photographic shooting techniques.

3.10 pm Beginning and preparation for the photographic session of the golden hour and sunset (scheduled for 5.50 pm)

Photo session during the blue hour to photograph the first stars.

6.45 pm return to the hotels where we will be served dinner, we will taste a very good complete menu.

22:00 for those who wish to start the night photography session where we could take fantastic photographs with starry skies and landscapes illuminated by the light of the moon.

11.00 pm Return to the Refuge where we will spend the night in comfortable rooms.  


-Sunday December 27th

Hours  6:20 am Beginning of the photo session to capture the Cinque Torri during the magnificent colors of dawn (scheduled for 06:55 )

8:40 am End of the photographic section, return to the Rifugio Rifugio Scoiattoli, where we will have a rich breakfast (INCLUDED IN THE PRICE of your booking)

From 9:30 to 12:30 (approximately)  Post-Production session on the PC of the photographs taken during the previous shooting phases.

12:30 End of the photographic course.

Photographic equipment:

The equipment that we advise you to bring with you in order to enjoy the Workshop and everything that surrounds us to the fullest is the following:

- Reflex or mirrorless camera, with interchangeable lenses: it does not matter whether it is FX or DX, the important thing is that you shoot in RAW format.

The optics we recommend you bring with you are:

  - A wide angle (e.g. 14mm, 14-24mm, 16-36mm, 11-16mm, etc ...)

Or a do-it-all optics (e.g. 24-120 mm, 24-105 mm, etc ... even fixed optics)

  You can also bring telephoto lenses with you (e.g. 70-200mm, 70-300mm, etc ...)

- Tripod (really essential)

- Remote shooting = (Remote control) (indispensable for night photos)

For those who own them, Filters (ND, GND, POLARIZER):  useful but not essential for a successful course



Clothing and Equipment:

Being a mountain resort between 2000mt. It is a good idea to bring suitable clothing with you as temperatures could even drop below freezing, especially during the night.

A torch (preferably a frontal type) is essential for the evening hours when it will be dark.

It is essential to have waterproof boots suitable for mountain activities.

I recommend that you bring padded gloves, a cap, a padded winter jacket (down jacket).

Obviously, to wear layered clothing so that you can best adapt to the climate of the two days during the workshop.

Participation in these events is under the direct responsibility of the participants, no insurance or reimbursement is included, those who deem it appropriate can independently take out an accident insurance policy. By subscribing to the workshop you accept the above.

the deposit will not be refundable, in case of bad weather the workshop will take place regularly and there are no refunds.

The workshopo will be postponed to another date only in the event of a weather alert issued by the civil protection.


For more information on my workshops do not hesitate to contact me
I will be happy to give you all the necessary information

secure payments with pay pall


By signing up for this photography course you will have the opportunity to make the photographs of your dreams  with the guidance and support of a professional photographer who will follow you step by step in every phase and will allow you to improve

your photographic skills both in the shooting phase and in

post-production phase on the PC.

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